AMA Recap: Hero Arena x TokenHunter

At 2: 00 pm (UTC) on October 18th, Daniel Nguyen, our CEO was invited to be the guest of AMA in TokenHunter Official Telegram Group. During the AMA, our Daniel introduced Hero Arena and told about the unique advantages in detail. Not only that, but he also answered many questions from users.

At 2: 00 pm (UTC) on October 18th, Daniel Nguyen, our CEO was invited to be the guest of AMA in TokenHunter Official Telegram Group. During the AMA, our Daniel introduced Hero Arena and told about the unique advantages in detail. Not only that, but he also answered many questions from users.


Daniel Nguyen’s sharing knowledge points are full, and here we will sort out the essence of AMA for everyone to review.

Q1. Before the official start, Could you introduce yourself briefly?

Daniel Nguyen: I’m Daniel — COO of Hero Arena. As more people here, I have a passion with game in young time and spend more time to play a lot of game, after that I have more experience to work at Singapore with technology and gaming company, so now we work with Hero Arena to build up a new RPG game on blockchain to everyone.

Q2. Could you introduce Hero Arena to our community?

Daniel Nguyen: “Hero Arena” is a game inspired by Dota2, the game is developed according to the traditional game model and we have applied Blockchain technology to bring more new experiences about the game. I myself am a big fan of Dota games, so when working with the Dev team and creating “Hero Arena” in a Blockchain version with more features and creating a different game world than.

“In the “”Hero Arena”” players can participate in in-game activities to receive rewards, especially players will receive Hera Gem (HEGEM) a type of Token used in the game. With HEGEM players can shop & upgrade their Heroes or create New Heroes (Updated later).

During the launch of the game, there will be many Top racing events with many important rewards such as: HERA Token, Item, Silver, Exp Hero… we will update event details on our media channels. Hero Arena”” follow us to receive the earliest information.”

Q3. Could you share the roadmap for the launch of important milestones?

Daniel Nguyen: “We are working on Version 1.0 and it will be released in November. “”Hero Arena”” will continuously update with new features in the following months because of everything we have prepared. Our upcoming roadmap will be:

– IGO on Seedify (October)

– Listing Pancake (October)

– IEO on (October)

– Open sale Hero Box ((November)

– Launching Beta test version (November)

– Launching Game (November)

– In December we will have mobile version, and there are many more, let’s follow us.”

Q4. How to track information from Hero Arena? (Social channels)

Daniel Nguyen: “You can find our information official on website:

Beside that we usually update news on our twitter and telegram channel:

Q5. How to participate in Hero Arena’s IGO & IEO?

Daniel Nguyen: You can join IGO at private and public sale on Seedify at 19th-20th October at this link:

Also you can join IEO free on Gate exchange at You will need be KYC and whitelist to be joined these events.”

Q6. When will Hero Arena release Beta Test panel?

Daniel Nguyen: On middle of November, we will open beta testing version, if you want to join, you must register whitelist beta testing by holding HERA token at some days. After that, you will have a lucky chance to join beta testing version. Each of user join beta testing will have a lucky reward from our team (it’s very worths)

Q7. Is it possible to earn money from playing Hero Arena? 

Daniel Nguyen: Yes of course, you can play and earn so much when you play hero arena, we have a lot of function to get reward and token like:

– Play to Earn

Players action their mission everyday. Training Heroes and earn HERA Token.


Players can assemble a team of three Heroes out of their collection and join real-time turn-based battles against opponents. Leaderboards are included.


User performs daily tasks to earn tokens. Missions include train heroes, fight monsters, and fight generals. After completing the user will receive a token reward.


Beat individual bosses in Dungeon 3 times per day (8 hours/time). Depending on the character level, there will be different difficulties. After defeating the boss, you will receive Tokens & items.”

The questions from community question part.

Q1. I saw in your website that gamers can earn even when they are offline. Can you tell us how this works? How many gold is required to swap for $HERA? Can you also share the functions of $HERA in the game?

Daniel Nguyen: You are asking about AFK function. AFK is the function will help gamer earn token even you offline, Amout of gold will depend on time you left out of game, but still over 12 hours. With 1 hour in game you can get up to 100 HEGEM token (The second token in game (HERA & HEGEM). But It will be

Q2. Is caught my attention when I read that the Hero Arena Have a UNIQUE 20.000 Heroes in game of 5 races: Warlord, Orc, Elf, Undead, Beast. Can you reveal on the roles of each Races? And How can we collect them? Do we need to buy it or can we get it for free by playing the game?

Daniel Nguyen: HERA gameplay revolves around HERA NFT Heroes. The hero system is built on the following attributes

05 Rarity: Common < Rare < Elite < Legendary < Immortal

05 Races: Beast, Elf, Orc, Undead, Warlord

03 Classes: Archer, Mage, Warrior

03 Primary Stats: Strength (Health, Defense, Durability, Critical negation); Power (Attack, Critical, Accuracy) and Agility (Speed, Evasion, Defense Penetration)

07 Skills: 1 active and 6 passive

07 Ranks: ranging from 1 to 7 stars

Level: 1–19, 20–39, 40–59, 60–79, 80–100

Team composition: up to 5 Heras per lineup, team buffs come with certain class formation.

If you want to play this game, you need to buy these NFT on marketplace and then you can trade nft on our marketplace or staking them to get high reward and score of statistic of these Heroes”

Q3. According your road map, I learned that you have a mobile version in early 2022. On the mobile side, will the operation of the game change? How is your progress so far? Have you encountered any technical difficulties?

Daniel Nguyen: Yes, to make this game we must challenge with so much difficulty, with mobile app we are trying to avoid limited of Apple Store and CH Play in censorship. Beside that, mobile version will easy to play than pc, you’ve just install apk(android) or testflight (ios) to play this game

Q4. I noticed that Hero Arena is holding an IDO on Seedify Platform. Unfortunately, I have no guaranteed allocation on Seedify Platform, Do you have any plan to holding an IDO on another launchpad like RedKite or BSCStation? If yes, please share with us the details?

Daniel Nguyen: We’ve just made IDO on Seedify and IEO on, we dont make in another site, Gate and Seedify is also our strategy partnership, so they support us so much to do this TGE events.

Q5. Sir I saw Hero Arena is a DOTA-inspired blockchain METAVERSE in your white paper I think so. Sir in future your game may have copyright issue If our investment will be safe on your platform, then can you tell why the copyright issue will not come?

Daniel Nguyen: You should read carefully is “ Dota-inspired”, we’ve just follow dota concept, but we dont copy any characters of Dota2, all our Heroes have been designed new 100% with Dota2 official. So that’s why we will not have problem with copyright of Dota2

Q6. Currently from where i can buy ? Is it possible that I can get only by holding it?

Daniel Nguyen: You can join Seedify or to buy this token at TGE

this link

and this

Pls do it asap, because TGE will open tomorrow

Q7. What is business model of your project? How it works? And who are your potential customers and which markets are you targeting on?

Daniel Nguyen: Our business model revenue from NFT Marketplace transaction, rewards in game

INO is also make revenue with us

Q8. NFTs is hot trending now, Do you have a play to have NFTs in your platform? If so, can you tell us the plans of your project in NFTs?

Daniel Nguyen: We have unique 20,000 NFT Heroes

you can join by buying on marketplace after that you can trade these NFT on our platform, staking NFT to receive reward in game

End of AMA.

Let’s witness the future of Hero Arena !

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