AMA with Hero Arena Recap

On April 8, all users were invited to an AMA held by Hero Arena. Kelvin is the MC, and he took part in a fascinating AMA that includes introductions, questions from the community, and participation from all users. If you missed the AMA, read this summary for a comprehensive look at Hero Arena and all of the events as a VIP program,Hero Arena Championship, Gacha Feature.


In this version 2.0, players can experience all the features related to HEGEM (in-game currency) operations. Hero Arena also unlocks special features:

The last time, we release the Monopoly feature and seem to be everyone is really love it. So we will play some treasure and 1 round for Monopoly and we will move to the one that u guys are expecting most is Gacha. 

About the Gacha feature: Players need to spend a certain amount of Hegem to buy spins, after spinning the player can randomly receive Hero Box, randomly unlocking Hero, Hero Qualifier.

There are 10 rounds for players to earn included: Hero Mystery Box Pieces, Hero Pieces, Silver Potions, Level Up Potions and Lucky Stones.

Hero Mystery Box Pieces: When players collect enough pieces, then get a Hero Mystery Box.

Hero Pieces: When players collect enough pieces, then get Hero NFTs.

Lucky Stone: Use to increase the success percentage of Fusion features.

“Help Me, Mate” Event 

This event is created for new users or the users have the low power of a hero in their team. During the event, players join Help to help other players pass. 

Every day there will be a post event, users after participating in help at least 7/10 turns. Then users take a screenshot and leave the comment below the event post. 

Join continuously for 4 days to receive rewards. 

Hero Arena Championship Season 2 Event

Besides launching Version 2.0, we bring to you many events that could help you gain more prizes and fun.Hero Arena will hold a ranking tournament for users at the ARENA feature with a point-based awarding mechanism and structure for 1 month at ARENA. Moreover, this event includes Top Arena Ranking and Top Spending $Hegem Ranking will take turns in the last 30 days. 

Hero Arena will hold a ranking tournament for users at the ARENA feature with a point-based awarding mechanism and structure for 1 month at ARENA, during the event there will be 2 Event Ranking alternately taking place. in 4 weeks (each minigame takes place 15 days), specifically:

This month will be held Spending $Hegem event for 1 month with 2 phases. 

Details here:



You must have at least 1 nft to play the game. Budget for common rarity is ~100 $Hera. 

Q2. About the Hero Arena Ranking. Is there a chance to have a lower category for players who are not on the top 500, especially those who only have lesser NFT to play the game. Giving the other players the chance to win as well. 

Fusion is coming soon. Upgrade your hero and fight with the top. The Players will get chances to win all the battles.

Q3. Is there a minimum amount of #HERA or the number of NFTs to own to join the V.I.P program ?

In basic, the minimum condition is u must own 10 heroes legendary or immortal rarity to join. 

Q4: What is Hero Area signature feature? what is your website?

– Treasury: fight with monsters for worthy rewards.

– PVE & PVP: freely fight with monsters and other players.

– Arena: conquer the challenge of overcoming all other players to win the reward of Hera Token.

– PlayToEarn: participating in the game feature will have a chance to receive Hegem Token.

– And many other attractive features will be released in the upcoming Version 2.0.

More details here:

Q5. How can NFTs be used and what are the benefits to their owners?

Now, when you own NFT Arena Heroes from INO events, you can use them to:

– Join the Hero Arena game and earn Hegem Token

– Trade on Market of Heroes Arena

– Trade on other NFT exchanges like Refinable, Babylon, Binance NFT…

– Send NFT to get $Hera Token (Just Launched)

Q6. Do you have any new events this week? Can you introduce that event?

Yes, many features will be running this week. We have Hero Arena Championship, Help me Event, Spending $Hegem and many AMA series every week. 


Q1: When you are planning to collaborate with YouTubers?

We’re planning now. On the way to find some potential youtubers for booking.

Q2: Any plan to impact on price….?

Surely about this, in order for the price of a project to increase in a healthy way, 3 factors are needed: users, marketing, burning mechanism.

With user acquisition: We are launching a cooperation campaign with Guild Partner based on scholarship and reward mechanism, which will bring in a large number of Hero Arena players and thereby can increase hegem spending in User’s game

Marketing: Last week we had events like Airdrop, Top Viral Content, Help Me mate!, and in the near future we will also have a series of other exciting events in-game and out-game for users. -> these will help users have many activities not only playing games but also outside games.

Burning mechanism: every month we have a proportional burning mechanism for HEGEM, for example: last month we burned 50% of HEGEM’s profits, this helps HEGEM stabilize prices and fight HEGEM inflation as a commitment. connect with users 

Q3: When is Fusion Hero launched?

The dev is doing this part already. Please wait for our announcement. I promise it will be asap.

Q4: In the next AMAs, will you be able to show future features before their release in the game?

If everything is done. We will show it before the launch day in about 1-2 days.

Q5. Per round for Gacha costs 50 HEGEM is that right? How about giving a discount to those who want to buy like 5 rounds for 200 HEGEM instead ?

We think the price for Gacha only 50 $Hegem is way to cheap for players already. So no need to fix the price anymore. Anyway, thanks for your consider about our game.


Embracing the hottest trends to develop from the cryptocurrency industry, Hero Arena is a multiplayer NFT RPG game built on blockchain technology inspired by DOTA architecture with advanced blockchain technology and decentralized finance features to create an unprecedented experience. Hero Arena was designed according to the Turn-Based strategy game genre, which is a turn-based strategy game genre, removing the real-time element, the game allows the player to control each step of the battle, the gameplay in the battle of the player. The game allows you to build a team using many different tactics to overcome the opponent.

Contact us: 


Telegram Community: 


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What is $Hera? 

$Hera is the token of the Hero Arena game project developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, according to the BEP20 standard.


Token name: Hera Token

Token Symbol: $Hera 

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Standard: BEP20

Contract: 0x49C7295ff86EaBf5bf58C6eBC858DB4805738c01

Total Supply: 100,000,000 $HERA

The utilize of $Hera

The main token of Hero Arena,Hera is used for the following purposes:

  • Marketplace: Purchase and trade Hero NFT.
  • Exchange on the free market as, Pancakeswap,MEXC, ZT
  • Staking: $Hera is used for staking points which the user can use to exchange for NFT.
  • Farming: $Hera is used for farming points which the user…
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