The Special Collection: Binance Hero Collections

Binance Hero Collections has been released in December 2021. This is one of three Hero Arena’s Hero collections and sold only in 5 seconds before. This collection is straightforwardly planned by Hero field for Binance as it were. 

In the last INO, Binance Hero Collection was sold all of 10,000 Boxes with heroes of 4 races, 3 classes and 4 rarities. During this re-sell time, this collection will be sold on TokenPlay homepage – a partner of Hero Arena. Specially, you can buy these heroes for $Hegem at a reasonable cost. To celebrate the upcoming INO Binance collections, take a look to explore more about these special heroes.


Race: Beast
Class: Warrior
Bio: Kolnall warriors possess a strong power with an ax in hand. iKolnall has always been a reliable teammate and uses his incredible strength to protect his teammates. Kolnall seeks only to safeguard their quiet culture from the deadly fires.
Skills: Deals damage equal to 110% of ATK to 1 target. Deals damage equal to (180%) ATK to 1 random target, has 15% Stun for 1 turn [Stun: Cannot attack, cast] *,3,0]. High Def and HP.  
HP: min 2512 – max 3583
Crit: 5 – 20 
ATK: 149 – 295 
Def: 174 – 253 
Speed: 365 – 394


Race: Beast 
Class: Archer
Bio: Sirdral is quite versatile and can be fielded as a midlaner, roamer, lane support, or even a carry, if the game calls for it. He is famous for his immense utility and versatility.
Skills: Deals damage equal to 110% of ATK to 1 target. Deals damage equal to 110% of ATK to 1 target. Deals damage equal to (123%) ATK to all enemies*,3,4], High Def and ATK. 
HP: min 2521 – max 3581 
Crit: 5 – 20 
ATK: 149 – 296 
Def: 174 – 253 
Speed: 365 – 394


Race: Elf

Class: Warrior

Bio: Plian is the strongest warrior and leader of the Elves. is a melee agility hero whose abilities allow him to sprint into battle and recklessly devastate enemies in an impenetrable flurry of blades.

Skills: Deals damage equal to 110% of ATK to 1 target. Heal (55%) of ATK to all allies*,3,1], High Speed and HP.

HP: min 1766 – max 2381 

Crit:  10 – 31 

ATK: 235 – 385 

Def: 123 – 161 

Speed: 384 – 459


Race: Elf

Class: Mage

Bio: The magicians of the ELVE were known for their pure magic, and so was Zenithe. Her strength lies in her battery of strong magic balls, which disables and slows. Zenithe’s power is a lack of weapon dependence that makes her a reliable and devastating support caster.

Skills: Deals damage equal to 110% of ATK to 1 target. Entire Squad gain Recovery and increase ATK by 20% for 2 turns [Heal: Each turn heals equal to (20%) ATK per champion]*,3,6], High HP and ATK.

HP: min 1765 – max 2390 

Crit: 10 – 31

ATK:235 – 386 

Def: 123 – 161 

Speed: 384 – 459 


Race: ORC

Class: Warrior

Bio: Deep in the Wailing Mountains, in a valley beneath the Ruined City, the ancient Order of the Oyo has for centuries practiced its rites of holy reverie, communing with the spirit realm in grand festivals of power. Born to a mother’s flesh by a Celestial father, the youth known as Mangix was the first to grow up with the talents of both lineages.

He wanders the land, striving toward enlightenment, searching for the answer to the ancient spiritual schism. Hoping to think the single thought that will unite the spirit and physical planes again.

Skills: Deals damage equal to 110% of ATK to 1 target. Deals damage equal to (175%) attack 1 target with the lowest health, increase own crit by 20% for 2 turns*,3,3], High ATK and HP.

HP: min 2343 – max 3258 

Crit: 5 – 19

ATK: 231 -368 

Speed: 357 – 395

Def: 157 -227 


Race: ORC

Class: Archer

Skills: Arrived at the Shojin monastery as a boy, claiming the dragon had chosen him to wield its power. The elder monks saw flashes of its fire in the talented child, but also sensed his reckless pride, and the disaster it could bring.

Owning the dragon spirit. A tempest of flames engulfed him, searing his skin and burning the sight from his eyes. Imbued with wild power, he crippled the invaders with a flurry of breakneck punches and rapid kicks, the untamable spirit flaring brighter and hotter with each blow.

Bio: Deals damage equal to 110% of ATK to 1 target. Deals damage equal to (132%) ATK to 3 random enemies in the back row, increases self speed by 5% for 2 turns*,3,3]. High Speed and ATK.

HP: min 2343 – max 3271 

Crit: 5 -19 

ATK: 231 – 369 

Speed: 357 – 395

Def: 157 – 226 


Race: Undead

Class: Warrior

Bio: Ruthless and uncompromising, Tertaven is the leader of the Shadow Society, an organization he founded with the intention of militarizing traditional Ionian martial arts to repel the invading enemies. During the war, he risked his life to unlock the shadow clone—something powerful yet equally dangerous and corrupt. Tertaven has mastered all forbidden arts to destroy anything he considers a threat to the nation, or to the Shadow Society.

Skills: Deals damage equal to 110% of ATK to 1 target. Deals damage equal to (107%) ATK up All targets, also increase self crit by 20% for 2 turns *,3.1. High ATK and HP.

HP: min 1969 – max 2730 

Crit: 8 – 22

ATK: 272 – 403 

Def: 131 – 180 

Speed: 376 – 435


Race: Undead

Class: Archer

Bio: Gladiatorial warriors face off against each other in arenas where bloodshed and strength are tested—but none is as celebrated as Dranonel. A former soldier, he drew a standing ovation from the crowd for his dramatic performances. Addicted to people cheering for his perfection, Dranonel vows to defeat anyone to ensure his name is forever hummed throughout the empire.

Skills: Deals damage equal to 110% of ATK to 1 target. Deals damage equal to (175%) of attack to 1 random target, has 60% chance to attack again *,3,1]. High Speed and ATK.

HP: min 1969 – max 2721 

Crit: 8 – 22

ATK: 272 – 403

Def: 131 – 180 

Speed: 376 – 435

Kosha Barton

Race: Warrior

Class: Warlord

Bio: Kosha Barton was a combative warrior who had a glorious past that was made by his enormous achievements. His brother and he always want to be the greatest warriors of all time. Unfortunately in a battle, his brother died in order to save Barton’s life.  Now he is fighting not only for himself but also for his old bro. He is knowns as the “invincible one–defeat his enemies with no mercy”

Skills: Deals damage equal to 110% of ATK to 1 target. Deals damage equal to (165%) of ATK to 1 target in the back row, increases self armor penetration by 15% for 2 turns*,3,1], High HP and ATK.

HP: min 2172 – max 3057

Crit: 6 – 13

ATK: 313 – 442

Speed: 368 – 377

Def: 140 – 152

Wardell Hale

Race: Warlord

Class: Mage

Bio: Wardell Hale is an old mage, but do not underestimate his power. He is famous for annoying techniques, damaging opponents with fireballs in his hands. 

Wardell Hale always makes his opponents beware thanks to his virtuosity

Skills: Deals damage equal to 110% of ATK to 1 target. Deals damage equals (125%) ATK to 3 enemies in the back row, and deals bonus damage equal to (5%) Health to 1 random target*,3,2]. High HP and Def.

HP: min 2174 – max 3052 

Crit: 6 – 13

ATK: 313c – 442 

Speed: 368 – 410 

Def: 140 – 211

There is all information about our Hero Binance Collection. Each hero has different strengths and power that can help you to victory in a battle. Don’t miss your chance to own them!

About Hero Arena

Embracing the hottest trends to develop from the cryptocurrency industry, Hero Arena is a multiplayer NFT RPG game built on blockchain technology inspired by DOTA architecture with advanced blockchain technology and decentralized finance features to create an unprecedented experience. Hero Arena was designed according to the Turn-Based strategy game genre, which is a turn-based strategy game genre, removing the real-time element, the game allows the player to control each step of the battle, and the gameplay in the battle of the player. The game allows you to build a team using many different tactics to overcome the opponent. 

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Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Standard: BEP20

Contract: 0x49C7295ff86EaBf5bf58C6eBC858DB4805738c01

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