Hero Arena Collections on INO’s NFTb Launch

Hero Arena will be held on 16 January 2022 at 13:00 PM UTC and will be made available on the NFTb’s website. 

Hero Arena INO Timeline:

  • January 16, 13:00 UTC, NFTb INO — Private Pool Opens
  • January 16, 14:00 UTC, NFTb INO — Public Pool Opens
  • January 17, 14:00 UTC, NFTb INO — Public Pool Closes

Buy Hero Arena Collections directly on NFTb Launchpad right here
Eligibility: Stake at least 1 NFTB in NFTb’s Tiered Model

Don’t Miss the AMA! 💬

NFTb will be holding an AMA with our CEO Jonny Dang on 14 January at 10:00 AM UTC. Join our telegram https://t.me/heraannouncement so you don’t miss it!

NFT Details

There are multiple immersive activities in Hero Arena game, which you can participate in. With various bosses, arena modes, campaigns, and other activities, you can advance and improve your skills and equipment as you play. Participating in these activities allows you to earn in-game currency that you can exchange for other cryptos.

Hero Arena NFTs belong to one of the five available tribes and 2 classes with 4 rarities (Rare, Elite, Legendary and Immortal) 

Price: 99 $BUSD/box

Total Number NFTs available for sale: 1000 Boxes

500 rare NFTs (50%)

300 elite NFTs (30%)

150 legendary NFTs (15%)

50 immortal NFTs (5%)

Hero Information


Race: Beast 
Class: Mage
Bio: After experimental military sonar transmitters cause a pod of whales to break open a glacier, they accidentally release a preserved Kraken into the ocean. Then, Karen is a powerful Beast in the sea. 
Skills: Deals damage equal to (110%) of attack to 1 random enemy. Attacks 2 times in a row, dealing damage equal to (102%) of ATK each time to the 1 lowest health target, increasing own ATK by 15% for 2 turns*,3,4], High Attack and HP. 

Frost Troll

Race: Orc
Class: Mage
Frost Troll is the storm made manifest. Destructive, wild, and stubbornly resolute, he existed before mortals walked the Freljord’s tundra, and is fiercely protective of the lands that he and his demi-god kin created.
Skills: Deals damage equal to (110%) of attack to 1 random enemy. Deals damage equal to (140%) ATK to the 3 lowest health targets, with 20% chance to Stun the target [Stun: Can’t attack, cast]*,3,5].  High Attack and HP.

Mermaid Prince

Race: Undead
Class: Mage
Bio: Mermaid Prince, son of Poseidon, was one of the Twelve Olympians in ancient Greek religion and myth, god of the sea, storms, earthquakes and horses. 
Skills: Deals damage equal to (110%) of attack to 1 random enemy. Deals damage equal to (135%) ATK to 3 random targets, increases self speed by 8% for 2 turns*,3,5].  High Attack and HP. 

Women Warrior

Race: Warlord
Class: Warrior 
Bio: Born to a Targonian Aspect at the height of the Rune Wars, Women Warrior honored her mother’s legacy by fighting for justice on wings of divine flame. She and her twin sister Medusa were the protectors of Demacia for many years. 
Skills: Deals damage equal to (110%) of attack to 1 random enemy. Deals damage equal to (175%) ATK to the 1 lowest health target, increases armor penetration by 25% for 2 turns*,3,5]. High Defense and Attack. 

Forest Keeper

Race: Elf
Class: Mage
Bio: Forest Keeper who only concerns himself with hunting goblins. His brutality and mercilessness towards all goblin-kind often shock others who witness it. He will kill any and all goblins he encounters, even children as he believes they are no better than fully grown goblins and are just as dangerous if they are left alive.
Skills: Deals damage equal to (110%) of attack to 1 random enemy. Deals damage equal to (151%) ATK to 3 random targets*,3,5]. High Attack and HP. 


Embracing the hottest trends to develop from the cryptocurrency industry, Hero Arena is a multiplayer NFT RPG game built on blockchain technology inspired by DOTA architecture with advanced blockchain technology and decentralized finance features to create an unprecedented experience. Hero Arena was designed according to the Turn-Based strategy game genre, which is a turn-based strategy game genre, removing the real-time element, the game allows the player to control each step of the battle, the gameplay in the battle of the player. The game allows you to build a team using many different tactics to overcome the opponent.

Contact us: 

Website: https://heroarena.app/ 

Telegram Community: https://t.me/heroarenagame 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeroArena_Hera

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What is $Hera? 

$Hera is the token of the Hero Arena game project developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, according to the BEP20 standard.


Token name: Hera Token

Token Symbol: $Hera 

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Standard: BEP20

Contract: 0x49C7295ff86EaBf5bf58C6eBC858DB4805738c01

Total Supply: 100,000,000 $HERA

The utilize of $Hera

The main token of Hero Arena,Hera is used for the following purposes:

  • Marketplace: Purchase and trade Hero NFT.
  • Exchange on the free market as Gate.io, Pancakeswap,MEXC, ZT
  • Staking: $Hera is used for staking points which the user can use to exchange for NFT.
  • Farming: $Hera is used for farming points which the user…
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