Q1) First of all, please introduce yourself with us. How and when did you start? What’s your Role in hero arena project??

Answer: Hi everyone, I’m Jonny Dang CEO of the project “Hero Arena”. “Hero Arena” is a game inspired by Dota2, the game is developed according to the traditional game model and we apply Blockchain technology to bring more new experiences about the game. I am a big fan of Dota2 game myself, so working with the Dev team and creating the “Hero Arena” in a Blockchain version with more features and creating a different game world.

Q2) Can you briefly describe what is hero arena ?

Answer: “Hero Arena” is a Metaverse RPG Game built on blockchain technology. We have inspiration from the Dota2 Game. It is a futuristic world with 5 different factions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Players can recruit heroes which then can be used to progress in the campaign mode and fight against the enemies. In the combat arena players can earn profit from your enemies.

Q-3) please briefly describe tokenomics of $HERA token

Answer: In the “Hero Arena” “players can participate in in-game activities to receive rewards, especially players will receive Hera Gem (HEGEM) a type of Token used in the game. Can shop & upgrade your Heroes or create new Heroes (Updated later).

In the game we do not use Hera Token but will use Hera Gem (HEGEM) a currency that is only created when users participate in in-game features. HEGEM can be used to:

– Hero upgrade

– Create a new hero

– Unlock important features

– Upgrade hero skills

– Trading on the floor

Q4) Audit is important for both trust and security. Have you done any audit of $HERA token smart contract?

Answer: Hero Arena takes security very seriously and we have audited our Smart Contract. Audit partner is Verichains, a company specializing in Audit with many famous projects. In the near future, Hero Arena will audit Smart Contracts on NFTs to ensure that there are no unfortunate security errors that affect players.

Q5) there are certain numbers of characters available at this moment.. so is team planning to add more characters??

Answer: Hera Arena is expected to register for the Whitelist to test the Beta version in mid-November. Due to the Beta version, we will limit the number of participants to receive feedback from the community and improve the product better. Hope everyone will accept Hero Arena


Q-1)You mentioned that in your ecosystem of 5 races there are only about 20,000 HEROES, I wonder if this amount is a limit to affirm that more of these will not be created and on the other hand, only these 5 races will exist or do they hope to integrate more soon?

Answer: 20,000 Heroes in this INO sale and this is not the limit of Hero Arena. We still have a lot of heroes that will be released in the next update versions. There is still 1 race that we have yet to announce and a lot of features will be introduced in phases of the game. This is just the beginning of the Hero Arena era.

Q-2) As an investor, why would we rather choose to invest with $HERA? What are the plans ahead to increase the value of $HERA in the market & to attract many people to trade & buy $HERA? Any benefits for holding $HERA for long?

Answer: Hero Arena has a long-term roadmap for the game, choosing to invest in $HERA or not depends on how you rate us. Our upcoming plan will be launching Stake feature, INO sale, Beta Test Game, Launching… and many community events taking place this November.

Show at Hero Arena is having an event to give NFTs Hero in this INO sale, everyone can participate to receive many attractive rewards.

Q-3) Is the HEROARENA specifically for gamers? What about non-gamer users? Can they still generate income even without playing your game? Does holding $HERA tokens provide long-term returns for investors?

Answer: Hero Arena is for everyone, whether you play well or not, can participate in Hero Arena and earn Tokens from the game. In Hero Arena there are many events that make it easy to play and explore. Whether to hold the $HERA token or not depends on your trust in us. We just try to make the product good and the value of the token will be decided by the user.

Q-4)You have 5 types of races: ‘’Warlord, Orc, Elf, Undead, Beast’’. What are the basic attributes of each race type and what characteristics do they have? How do users get each race type and how will they improve their computing power?

Answer: In Hero Arena, there are 5 races: Warlord, Orc, Elf, Beast, Undead and each race will be divided into 3 Classes: Warrior, Archer, Mage. Warrior specializes in close combat, so it will have quite high HP & DEF. Archers are archers who stand behind in charge of long-range attacks with stats such as fast attack speed, great attack. Mage will be ranged mages with high magic ability and attack stats that will determine the team’s ability to win. You can improve Hero’s strength through in-game features and upgrade each Hero’s power stat.

Q-5)How I can use HERA for in HeroArena ecosystem? Is there any reward mechanism for holding HERA? What are the benefits of holding it in the long term?

Answer: If you are holding Hera, there are ways to use it

– Trade on exchanges like Pancake,, ZT

– Used to buy Mystery Hero Box (INO)

– Stake & Farming

– Buy NFTs on Marketplace

– Governance

– Shopping for in-game items

Holding Hera Token depends on your belief in the project and we only try to perfect the product to help everyone have the best experience. Thank you


Q-1): It takes a very good partnership to strengthen a project. Do you have any other project partnerships with your project? Are you planning to cooperate to make your project more powerful??

Answer: Hero Arena has many special media support partners such as: Faraland, Bunicorn, BSC Daily, Coinmarketcap… In the near future we will cooperate with partners to distribute our NFTs such as Babylon, Alpaca and many more. other works.

Q-2): STOP is one of the STRATEGIES to attract USERS and keep them ONLY and for the long term. Does your GREAT PROJECT have a plan coming up?

Answer:  Yes Stake is part of Hero Arena’s plan and we are planning to launch this feature in October. Everything is ready to go to our community.

Q-3): Generating a token is easy but is it really that hard to make this token valuable? So, what are your efforts to make your token more valuable and what are your plans to maintain the token price and supply?

Answer: Indeed, creating value for the token is extremely difficult and depends on the decision of the community. Our effort is to try to complete the Roadmap that we have announced and make the product well so as not to disappoint the users who have trusted Hero Arena.

Q-4): What are the steps to become part of your community and start getting revenue? Where do we buy, where do we register? This looks like a great project! |

Answer: To join the community of Hero Arena you can visit the link: or follow us on Twitter at:

To buy the current Hera Token you can go to PancakeSwap, or ZT we have available on exchanges for users to exchange.

Q-5): Please provide more information about your ROADMAP. What are the most anticipated plans and events for the next few days and months that we should know about?

Answer: Hero Arena’s upcoming roadmap will include the following important milestones:

– Launch of Stake feature in October

– Open for sale INO Mystery Box in November

– Register for Whitelist to participate in Beta Test in November

– Released Hero Arena Version 1.0 in November

In addition, we have many community events for everyone to participate in Hero Arena.

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What is $Hera? 

$Hera is the token of the Hero Arena game project developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, according to the BEP20 standard.


Token name: Hera Token

Token Symbol: $Hera 

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Standard: BEP20

Contract: 0x49C7295ff86EaBf5bf58C6eBC858DB4805738c01

Total Supply: 100,000,000 $HERA

The utilize of $Hera

The main token of Hero Arena,Hera is used for the following purposes:

  • Marketplace: Purchase and trade Hero NFT.
  • Exchange on the free market as, Pancakeswap,MEXC, ZT
  • Staking: $Hera is used for staking points which the user can use to exchange for NFT.
  • Farming: $Hera is used for farming points which the user…
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